Our Trees are Changing the Game!

InnovaTree and TurboTree are ready to transform the tree industry. Who has time to wait for trees to grow? Our trees provide the fastest shade of any tree, are simple to grow, and are resilient and robust.

DIY Trees empowers you to green the planet with our durable, high-performance trees. They're adaptable, disease-resistant, and beautify any space. Join us in fostering sustainability and enhancing air quality for future generations.

Here’s what makes our trees special:

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    Growth Speed
    Why wait 10 years to enjoy your tree when you can start enjoying it in under 3? InnovaTree and TurboTree can grow over 10 feet a year to give you near instant shade.

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    The Cost
    There is no need to spend a hundred dollars on a tree at a traditional nursery that may not even survive the Winter. Our tree kits sell for much less and have a 1 year warranty giving you peace of mind.

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    Carbon Absorbtion
    The InnovaTree and TurboTree are both designed to absorb up to 4 times more carbon than a traditional tree (Red Pine) allowing you feel better that you are making a positive impact on our environment for years to come!

Our Mission

At DIY Trees, our mission is to empower individuals to become architects of a greener future through our innovative, fast-growing super trees. We are dedicated to growing environmentally resilient, disease-resistant trees like the InnovaTree and TurboTree, designed to maximize carbon sequestration and enhance biodiversity. We're all about offering green solutions for those eager to visibly better our world. Through continual research, sustainable methods, and rallying communities, our goal is to spark a worldwide shift towards replenishing green spaces and battling climate change, one tree at a time.

Our Founder

Tim White, the driving force behind DIY Trees, harbors a deep-rooted passion for trees. While he may not have created InnovaTree and TurboTree, his keen eye for their groundbreaking potential is setting new standards in tree cultivation. Drawing on invaluable support from the University of Minnesota's NRRI and fueled by his extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur, Tim is redefining the relationship between consumers and nurseries. His ambition goes far beyond mere sales; he envisions a world where individuals and communities are empowered to play a pivotal role in environmental stewardship. Through the introduction of these rapid-growth, carbon-sequestering titans, Tim is at the forefront of a movement towards sustainability, simplifying the path for everyone to leave a lasting, positive imprint on our planet.

Our Impact

From the inception of DIY Trees, we stand on the brink of a green revolution, with the potential to plant millions of trees. This massive planting initiative is set to capture a remarkable amount of CO₂ each year, contributing significantly to climate restoration efforts. While we're at the starting line of this journey, the scope of our mission is vast. We are deeply dedicated to turning this vision into a tangible reality, paving the way towards a more sustainable and healthier Earth. Join us as we forge ahead, making real strides in carbon sequestration and combating climate change.